Guerilla marketing techniques

Guerilla marketing is a technique which uses the unconventional means and for the same reason there is a small amount of risk that is also involved in the idea Care should be taken as the guerilla marketing is associated with the brand credibility and therefore it can also backfire and spoil the image. Guerilla marketing is for all those businesses that do not have a big budget but want to create a buzz and grab the attention of the customer as well as media. This is also an awesome way of getting noticed as well as making sure that message is delivered in a thought provoking and humorous way. All could be done in whatever budget the business has.

Before the launch of guerilla marketing it was being noticed that the repetition of the ads in a similar manner is boring the customers and they are not paying attention at all and hence the need of the hour was to do something to ambush the media as well as the competitors. The techniques that are used in this regard as unconventional all the time and this is the concept that is at the core of every guerilla marketing campaign or stunt. There are certain businesses that cannot afford the guerilla marketing tactics and they include the regulated trading such as financial services as well as insurance. For opting a guerilla marketing tactic it is also to be noted that the business and the associated as agency should be bold enough to make sure that they can take the risk. If the owner of the business is reluctant of doing all this then the guerilla marketing is not a good match for his business.

The beauty of the concept lies in the fact that almost each and every small business cab opt this technique for the betterment of their business as well as to make sure that they are getting an edge over the others. Being edgy is the basic principle that each and every business wants to follow in its real sense. It is such an important factor that sometimes it becomes the only way of expressing the thoughts of the business. Today the brands want to be edgy to make sure that the customers are channelized towards them as each and every person tends to buy the brands that differentiate themselves from others.

If we come down to hierarchy of the guerilla marketing then we come to know that there is a lot for the business as long as it is shocking, nontraditional as well as memorable.

The guerilla marketing tactics if carried out by experts in a professional way become newsworthy and for the same reason the aftershocks are also felt by the customers as well. If the customers as well as the brand are centralized then the guerilla marketing is a sure winner for all the businesses. Due to the unconventionality it should also be made sure that nobody ends up in awkward situation such as jail. It is the best practice that has been coined by Jay Conrad making the concept of marketing cheaper for the small businesses.

Guerilla marketing ideas for small businesses

Guerilla marketing is simply an out of the box tactic to promote the business. It can also be regarded as finding the new ways to promote the business. For all small businesses the unconventional tricks of marketing should be such that they should not put the business integrity at risk. Each and every business is different from other as they have different priorities and for the same reason every marketing strategy is not for every business. There are some Guerilla marketing tricks that are alike for both big and small businesses and over the time it has also been proven that these tricks are not risky at all. Instead they make it possible for the businesses to bring the brand into the limelight and if the product is relatively new then the business also comes to national or even international limelight. Following are some tricks of Guerilla marketing in this regard that would definitely change the dynamics of the small business altogether:


It should not be the real one obviously. A fake protest is to promote the product and to show the customers that you believe in the quality as well as the brand of yours unlike others. It will also grab attention of the potential customers and there is a likelihood that they would become one of the permanent customers of all times. It will also make sure that the people are continuously coming through the doors which otherwise is never possible.

Hanging the coupons

It is the second cost effective and risk free tactic that a small business can use to make sure that there is a boost in sales. It is a relatively newer marketing technique but there is a high probability that the customer will be attracted towards the product as well as the business. The business should make sure that these coupons carry a message that is something other than ordinary like getting a discount. It is a sure thing that people will pay a visit when they come to know that they can save money.

Use of social media in an effective way

Most of the small businesses are unaware of the powers of the social media and therefore they never pay attention towards this medium. However this is a powerful tool to mobilize the customers. The best example in this regard is that of a friendly fight to make sure that the business competes with a rival using the social media polling option to get a public opinion that which company makes the best products. 


It is a practice that is regarded as traditional but the fact is that it still works. The only difference is that a poster should be printed with a guerilla mind to attract and grab the customer attention. It should be such that it offers more than one thing and the content is thought provoking as well. The best way is to include a question that each and every person among the target audience understands.

Guerilla marketing examples 2014

In the wake of advancement in science and technology the word guerilla marketing is changing its dynamics as well. In the year 2014 there are certain additions that are made to the phenomenon to make sure that the guerilla marketing campaign is successful. An American is exposed to average 3000 to 4000 ads per day and therefore the guerilla marketing has become warfare for the companies to prove that they are the best. Going to an extra length will also do the trick and at the same time it is also make sure that the overall effect of the brand is long lasting causing the customer to feel the aftershocks as well. The concept that guerilla marketing should be shocking is taken a bit too far by the companies allowing the customers to feel the marketing technique by themselves causing an increase in the revenue as well as the worth of the company. Following are some of the tactics that companies adopted as a part of their guerilla marketing campaign during the current year. They are not only cost effective but were also praised by the customers on a large scale:

Golden Palace online Casino 

The guerilla marketing of this casino has been in news for quite a while now but it is an advent fact that the casino has raised a good amount of money showing that they are well ahead of other when it comes to marketing. This casino has two permanent members who are Karolyn Smith and Brent Moffat who are paid to place the tattoo of the website permanently on their foreheads. The guerilla tactic came in when both of these employees placed their heads on EBay for auction. The tactic was not that well performed by both of these but it still brought good revenue to the casino. As a matter of fact the owner of this casino also thanked both of them as he managed to give $1 million in form of charity to different organizations after this stunt.


It is a company that delivers fresh coffee beans at the doorstep and during the year 2014 they aim to deliver it to the kitchen as a part of their services which is actually guerilla marketing. The stunt has been named as coffee revolutionaries and they are doing it in the best way forcing the customers (not real forcing) to take them to the kitchen where they make a cup of coffee for them after crushing the fresh beans. The campaign is grabbing a lot of attention and at the same time Tonx is not spreading even a single dollar as the coffee revolutionaries are their employees as well. 

Paranormal Activity/Demand IT

Demand IT is official advertising agency for the release of new occult movie paranormal activity series. They have already started creating a buzz on the social media where it has been mentioned that 1 million hits are required for the release of the movie which shows that the attention grabbing is the only factor Demand IT cares about.

Guerilla Marketing Examples

Before we delve deep into the phrase Guerilla marketing it is important to understand that it is an outrageously inexpensive technique of marketing that makes it possible for especially small businesses to get real traffic to their brick and mortar stores without being too exclusive. The term Guerilla marketing was defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 that also made the term very clear so till now there is no such ambiguity when it comes to using this technique to grow the business. The best examples of Guerilla marketing techniques can also be regarded as street examples as mostly the big brands and the names of any particular industry are using the phenomenon to grow the business. There are many examples of Guerilla marketing and each marketing expert sees it from a different angle however the best definition that could also explain the phenomenon to a layman is that “Guerilla marketing is a strategy in which the companies focus on the unconventional and cost effective marketing techniques that maximize the effect of the product and make sure that the results are driven as expected.” So it can be stated that these campaigns cost no more that few bucks and resultantly the effects are great. Guerilla marketing is also carried out in the areas where customers are never expected to be and this is the beauty of this campaign due to the fact that it costs nothing. Following are some of the best and wonderful examples of Guerilla marketing campaigns that were carried out by most renowned names of the market. These are a low budget attention grabbing campaigns that produced excellent results:


Red Bull Pit stop

The idea made sure that the product comes in the way of the customer to grab their attention. At Red Bull the marketing team is efficient and effective and they have proven it by deploying a pit stop right in the middle of Time Square in the New York City. While the competitors were busy in setting up billboards as well as huge flex signs to get the attention of the customers the pit stop of Red Bull grabbed the attention of every person who walked down the street. This campaign is still remembered by the New Yorkers as it brought immense success to the company by word of mouth technique.

Vodafone Streaker

While the Guerilla marketing is the best technique to convince the customers it can also be very controversial because of the ideas that are embedded in the planning phase. Same happened with the Vodafone when two guys during the rugby match between Austria and New Zealand ran onto the field wearing nothing but the Vodafone logo painted on their bodies. Due to the mass disruption among the public the Vodafone CEO issued an apology publically. Some might consider it as inappropriate but it is the most effective Guerilla marketing campaign ever seen.

Guerilla marketing definitely attracts the customers if done in a right and awfully crazy manner as craze is something that lies in the bottom of this idea. Due to the success of the phenomenon different brand users should also prepare themselves for more Guerilla marketing campaigns by their favorites.

Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

To be different is what is known as Guerilla marketing. To make sure that the Guerilla marketing goes viral only an effective marketing campaign is required. Today the ides of Guerilla marketing are the ones that are differentiating the brands as well as their effectiveness because it is all about “How to present.” If we take a look at the most effective Guerilla marketing campaigns of all times then one thing is for sure that each and every company following this phenomenon has managed to pull the stars into the limelight thereby increasing the sales to a great extend. Following are some of the most effective Guerilla marketing campaigns that not only proved the brand worth but also allowed the companies to grab more customers in relatively short period of time:

Bavaria Beer

It is undoubtedly one of the most viral ambush marketing campaigns that affected the brand positively in the 2010 South African World Cup. As a part of this campaign the girls in orange sat in the middle of the stands and sang to grab the attention of the viewers during the live game. It created a big impact but the poor girls were also forced out of the stadium as they were deemed disturbing. Some of them were also threatened to be jailed.

Paddy Power

This campaign was something that no one expected from the big name of the football game i.e. Nicklas Bendtner who is a Danish striker. In this campaign the player showed his Paddy Power underwear to the crowd in the European Championship of 2012. However this ambush campaign cost him €100,000 fine and a one match ban as well.


Everyone knows this brand and has definitely tasted it as well but the turning point was during the Wimbledon 2013 when the corporation distributed about 24000 cans inside the stadium with a tennis ball printed on each of them. The most awesome aspect of this campaign was that the match referees raised the cans to grab the public attention which got immense public response in a highly positive manner boosting the sales of the company.

Taco Bell Corporation

On 1st April 1996 an ad in the New York Times read that the Liberty bell that is regarded as a national treasure of the USA has been purchased by the Taco Bell Corporation however this historical treasure will be still available for public viewing. After this ad was published millions of American lodged their complaints against the company acquiring this historical piece of art. In the afternoon the company issued a statement saying that the people forgot about the date which is 1st of April and therefore it was an April fool. With this simple marketing tact the company reached 70 million Americans in just few hours.

The above mentioned are some awesome guerilla marketing campaigns that made is possible for the public to go to the stores and resultantly the sales also increased. However it is again recommended to be careful regarding the guerilla marketing ideas and their implementation as it might cost a lot when it comes to the law.

Awesome guerilla marketing

Frankly speaking guerilla marketing is always awesome if executed and carried out according to the plan and the creativity is there to fuel the idea. Before we discuss the subject as the most important thing in this regard is to make sure that the overall strategy related to guerilla marketing should be such that it not only promotes the brand but is also thought provoking. Different other associated marketing tactics can also make the idea more energetic as well as crazy enough to create a buzz. Effective guerilla marketing is not an easy task and for the same reason extreme care and professionalism is required to execute it. It takes energy, interruption as well as taking the customer by surprise which is most important of all because the human psychology says that a person who sees something when surprised saves it in the subliminal mind and therefore it remains there throughout his life so as a part of process it is also advised to all the guerilla marketers to learn or at least know the basic concepts of psychology.

Awesome guerilla marketing is to ambush the customers as well as the competitors to make sure that they remain under the influence for a long time. It is worth mentioning that influencing is something that is directly related to guerilla marketing and can also be regarded as the ground on which the idea stands. To be successful you need to defeat others in a way that is legit and also lets the customers know that why they should choose your brand. It could be easily done by explaining the pros of the company and the points that make your product the best.

Next comes the timing which is the most important of all factors backing the guerilla marketing. This also makes sure that the message is delivered to the customers in a way that proves to be efficient thereby increasing the brand worth. Without right timing the guerilla marketing stunt can humiliate the customers bringing a bad name to the company as well as the product. It is therefore strongly recommended to keep the factor of timing in mind while executing any guerilla marketing campaign.

Social media and the GSM technology can also lead to viral marketing that is like a dream come true for every company. Being a little negative is OK but it should not cross the limits. The best example in this regard is that of Taco Bell Corporation who claimed in the year 1996 that they have bought the Liberty Bell. Though it was shocking for everyone but trough this act the company managed to reach 70 million American in few hours which was undoubtedly a huge success.

The beauty of the guerilla marketing lies in the fact that it never educates a customer in fact it makes sure that an existing brand is presented in a way that allows the customer to think and eventually purchase. The idea that is to be remembered in this regard is that most jarring campaigns of all times are the most successful as well.

Guerilla Marketing Definition

Guerilla marketing is a campaign that uses unconventional marketing strategies which are cost effective to deliver a message to the general public. Formerly the idea was used in a localized fashion to make sure that the attention of the customers is grabbed towards a certain product, idea or service but in the wake of advancement in science and technology the message is also being delivered through the electronic means such as closed media groups as well as the internet marketing. Different mobile companies all over the world are also hired to send flash messages to the customers.  With the passage of time email marketing is also becoming a part of Guerilla marketing tactics.

The term Guerilla marketing was defined in the year 1984 by Jay Conrad. Before the term was coined and the related literature hit the book stores nobody knew that idea of Guerilla marketing and its implementation will be taken a bit too far by the small and large corporations alike. It is also a known fact that from 1950’s to 1960’s each and every corporation published the ads as well as propagated them with a sole idea of educating the customers but the things changed as the time passed. Nowadays the companies are publishing ads and setting up huge billboards not only to educate the customers but to also make sure that all of them is engaged and find the product interesting as well. Jay Conrad also mentions that the idea of Guerilla marketing is based on the fact of patience and imagination rather than the big advertising budget.

Another aspect that is related to Guerilla marketing is that a customer or the target audience is forced to think in a way that is the requirement of the campaign. This thought of the customer will not only create an uprising in the sales but will also give a good name to the company. According to Jay Conrad there are tens of hundreds of campaigns that can be used hoping to get maximum returns as a result of low initial investment. These techniques are also mentioned in his book title “Guerilla marketing” which he wrote in the year 1984. The other terms that are associated with the concept of Guerilla marketing are stealth or undercover marketing, viral marketing that is done through the social media networking, wait marketing that involves the placement of ads at locations where the people often wait such as the gas pumps and street marketing which involves the acts of civility eventually turning them into brand event.

The companies who are trying to get the target audience through the acts of Guerilla marketing should also make sure that these marketing techniques are used in a careful manner as it might misrepresent the brand. The word of mouth is not a good tactic in this regard as it is uncontrollable and in many cases it has also been observed that a company has to suffer heavily due to this marketing. Right time and right place should be the most important objectives of Guerilla marketing.