Frankly speaking guerilla marketing is always awesome if executed and carried out according to the plan and the creativity is there to fuel the idea. Before we discuss the subject as the most important thing in this regard is to make sure that the overall strategy related to guerilla marketing should be such that it not only promotes the brand but is also thought provoking. Different other associated marketing tactics can also make the idea more energetic as well as crazy enough to create a buzz. Effective guerilla marketing is not an easy task and for the same reason extreme care and professionalism is required to execute it. It takes energy, interruption as well as taking the customer by surprise which is most important of all because the human psychology says that a person who sees something when surprised saves it in the subliminal mind and therefore it remains there throughout his life so as a part of process it is also advised to all the guerilla marketers to learn or at least know the basic concepts of psychology.

Awesome guerilla marketing is to ambush the customers as well as the competitors to make sure that they remain under the influence for a long time. It is worth mentioning that influencing is something that is directly related to guerilla marketing and can also be regarded as the ground on which the idea stands. To be successful you need to defeat others in a way that is legit and also lets the customers know that why they should choose your brand. It could be easily done by explaining the pros of the company and the points that make your product the best.

Next comes the timing which is the most important of all factors backing the guerilla marketing. This also makes sure that the message is delivered to the customers in a way that proves to be efficient thereby increasing the brand worth. Without right timing the guerilla marketing stunt can humiliate the customers bringing a bad name to the company as well as the product. It is therefore strongly recommended to keep the factor of timing in mind while executing any guerilla marketing campaign.

Social media and the GSM technology can also lead to viral marketing that is like a dream come true for every company. Being a little negative is OK but it should not cross the limits. The best example in this regard is that of Taco Bell Corporation who claimed in the year 1996 that they have bought the Liberty Bell. Though it was shocking for everyone but trough this act the company managed to reach 70 million American in few hours which was undoubtedly a huge success.

The beauty of the guerilla marketing lies in the fact that it never educates a customer in fact it makes sure that an existing brand is presented in a way that allows the customer to think and eventually purchase. The idea that is to be remembered in this regard is that most jarring campaigns of all times are the most successful as well.